Here at Databridge we are constantly committed to improving all our products and features to bring them up to date with latest technologies and the IT industry. Our main focus of development has been directed towards our browser version, DatabridgeSPA which is more feature rich and accessible than the old desktop version. For several reasons we have made the decision to gradually decommission the Desktop interface over the next few years using a staggered approach. There is no confirmed final date at this point, we are releasing this statement to ensure you are aware and have plenty of time to move over to the SPA version if you are not already using it. You may have noticed within the desktop version that some areas are being decommissioned over the next few months. This is part of our staggered approach to allow users who are unfamiliar with DatabridgeSPA to trial just that area from within the desktop system rather than navigating the whole system in one go, - you don’t need to move over to using all of SPA all at once. As time progresses we will provide notice within the Desktop interface when an area is due to be decommissioned thus giving your users the ability to transition over time. Besides staggering the decommission of various parts of the Desktop, we will also try to time some at convenient points, i.e. between academic years to avoid disruption mid-term. A message on screen will inform you of the date at which it will be decommissioned, please ensure that your staff are shown how to use these areas in DatabridgeSPA before these dates. Please remember we are available for training and support if required to help staff transition between the systems. We are committed to providing a system that evolves and excels as technology moves forward. If we allowed colleges to continue using Desktop indefinitely, then there will be a point in time when it will stop working for reasons outside our control, as Microsoft continues to withdraw support for old coding platforms and operating systems. As a business we cannot leave colleges stranded, we have a responsibility to all our customers to provide a future-proof stable system, and Desktop no longer gives that. SPA can be accessed from anywhere, requires no installation, has charting features, additional screens, can be accessed on tablets and mobile phones and is responsive and adaptive to screen size. Browsers have vast libraries of accessibility plugins; dyslexia fonts, high contrast colour schemes, screen readers etc. If you have any concerns over any of the timings, or any of the new interfaces, we are happy to answer any questions, make any changes to ease changeover, and possibly consider delaying a decommission. If you are unfamiliar with DatabridgeSPA and want to know about the differences and benefits in using it, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For best results we highly recommend receiving training in full for DatabridgeSPA for your users ahead of time. If you are not part of our user group please contact This is the best place to hear about new developments, contribute to ideas and receive notifications about user forums and other announcements.

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